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About GatorLink

GatorLink is a individual's computer identity at the University of Florida. Every applicant, student, faculty and staff member is expected to have a GatorLink ID.

Most campus web-based services require a GatorLink signon. Examples are myUFL, ISIS, E-Learning, computer lab and network connections, print services, online training and the download of university-licensed software.

A GatorLink account provides a e-mail address. Official university communications are sent to students at this email address. Mail directed to the GatorLink address should be directed to an active email service.

There are central services provided to eligible GatorLink holders at no cost, in addition to fee-based services. GatorLink services include a free email inbox and a free web space.


Currently employed faculty and staff, enrolled students and certain affiliate groups including the UF Athletic Association, Shands employees and UF Foundation are eligible for GatorLink accounts. Affiliates (includes applicants) do not get a free mailbox or free web space, but they can forward GatorLink email to their own email service and may qualify to use web-based systems that authenticate using GatorLink username and password. Refer to the Current Account Eligibility and Expiration practices for more information.

Requirements for Use

To use GatorLink, you must agree to abide by the policies stated in the Policies for Use of GatorLink and in the UF Acceptable Use Policy.

Your GatorLink Username

Before you create your GatorLink account, you will need to choose a username. This will be your name on the Internet as well as part of your email address. It is not your password. It may be up to sixteen characters in length, it must begin with a letter, and consist of letters and numbers and it may contain a period. For example, your GatorLink ID could be The username is often chosen to be part of your name. We recommend that you choose a username appropriate for both personal and professional use.

Your GatorLink Password

You will also need to specify a password. Your password should be something only you know. No UF service will ever ask you for your password, so do not provide it or share it with anyone.

The password must be a minimum of 8-9 characters, depending on your password policy level, and cannot contain a word. It must contain 3 of the following 4 characters: upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers. See allowed symbols and Tips for Creating and Protecting Your Password. If you have your account created in HUB 132 or reset by the Help Desk, you will be given a password which you must change at myUFL within 7 days.

Password Policy Level

You are assigned one of five password policy levels (P1-P5) that determines how often you must change your password, its length and other other requirements. To see your policy level, signon to myUFL, click My Account, then Change My Password. The first screen will display your policy level. You can also view the specifics of the GatorLink Password Policy.

Password Expiration and Hint

You password will expire within a year, 6 months or 3 months, depending on your password policy. As a reminder, you will be notified via email before your password expires. When your password expires, GatorLink authentication and email stop working until you change your password. As long as you remember the expired password, you can signon to myUFL with your expired password and you will be immediately redirected to the password change screen.

We recommend that you set up a "Password Hint" under the 'My Account' menu in myUFL, which allows you to reset your password online even if you have forgotten the current or expired password. Be sure to make the hint non-obvious to hackers and acquaintences.

How to Create Your Account

Online - Navigate to and click on 'GatorLink Account Creation' to create your account.

In person - The UF Computing Help Desk in HUB 132 can help you create your GatorLink ID. Please bring your UF Gator 1 card.

Last revision: May 1, 2009

For assistance, contact the UF Computing Help Desk:   (352) 392-HELP or

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