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GatorLink services

UF faculty, staff and students can receive the following central services.

Internet Mailbox or Forwarding

Free email used through an Internet connection on Webmail or with an IMAP mail software. GatorLink email can also be forwarded to your preferred email service.

Internet Dialup

Dialup your Internet connection (PPP/SLIP) through a modem.

The Gatorlink dial-up service comes with a flat rate of $6.00 per month. This provides each user with 3600 minutes (60 hours) of local use. Any dialup beyond the 3600 minutes in a month is charged at an additional $0.01 per minute. There is no charge for any month in which dialup is not used at all.

Computer Lab Access

Access to personal computers (Macs and PCs) and laptop connections in the CIRCA computer labs. This includes an Internet connection, access to your email, popular word processing, spreadsheets and graphic programs. This service is offered on a space-available basis. See Lab Services.

Web Page Space

Free hosting of web pages accessed through FTP software. This service gives you up to 20 Mb of web space. See Web services for more information.

Laser Printing and Plotting

High quality black & white and color printing and plotting is available in the CIRCA computer labs for a charge per page or foot. See AT Printing Services.

Last revision: February 15, 2010

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