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GatorLink Email Address

A GatorLink email address of the form is provided along with your GatorLink account.


Only current faculty, staff and students are eligible for the GatorLink mailbox and forwarding service. Eligibility is determined from a person's relationship as recorded in the UF Directory.

When a person loses their eligibility for GatorLink email, (graduates, retires, etc), they should begin using and publicizing another email service and forwarding (for the time being) any mail sent to their GatorLink email to that service. Mail service eligibility is audited at regular intervals.

Receiving GatorLink Email

Mail to can be directed to a Gatorlink mailbox (175MB) or forwarded to an email service of your choice.

You can read your GatorLink mailbox from the web at

Alternatively, you can set up email software to read your GatorLink mailbox. The GatorLink mailbox supports the IMAP (recommended) protocol. Learn more...

Forwarding GatorLink Email

You can change where GatorLink email is directed, unless your college or unit prohibits forwarding email to non-UF email services. For students, see the Student Email Forwarding - Policy Change. You must verify the forwarding from your new email address if it is not the GatorLink mailbox or UF Exchange service. Learn more...

To change forwarding,see the Email forwarding menu.

There are issues to be aware of when communicating from a forwarded address. Learn more...

Publishing Your UF Business Email

Students are required to use their GatorLink email address as their primary UF Business email address.

A student's GatorLink email address is published on the web-based UF Phonebook Directory.

Official university email is sent ONLY to a student's GatorLink email address.

Non-students may specify the address that should be published on the web-based UF Phonebook by logging into myUFL and selecting My Account>Modify My UF Business Email.

Last revision: February 15, 2010

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